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Romance, Contemporáneo, New Adult
He’s won the hearts of millions. But is he willing to lose his?
I met the president’s son when we were both young. Matthew Hamilton was handsome, polished, and intelligent. I’d never met a guy like him. He promised me that he’d never run for president. I promised that if he did, I’d be by his side. Three terms later, an invitation to join Matthew Hamilton’s campaign is the most exhilarating opportunity I’ve ever experienced. I’m determined to make a difference; he is determined to win.
Focused on his goal, Matt is steadfast, ruthless, and disarming. All eyes are on him and his popularity is surging. But soon, the next possible president of the United States is possessing me in more ways than one—and despite the risks, I’m helpless to resist. We’re stealing touches, stealing moments, and stealing away at night. But our chemical connection is quickly becoming dangerously combustive, putting not only my heart, but Matt’s chance at the presidency on the line. Winning will take everything. Walking away will be the hardest thing of all.

It only took a second.
Overwhelming chemistry isn’t something anyone ever prepares you for. It’s not like your mama sits you down and warns you one day you might stumble upon someone impossible to resist, someone who sets your soul on fire. Combustible, explosive attraction is just the tip of the iceberg for Atticus Kelly and Hazel Stone. One touch between them can set them on fire, one word from their lips can send them careening, one look can cripple them to their knees. They are an inferno and they’re approaching the end of their wick.
Burning too fast, way too fast.
Except there’s nothing to temper the fever.
And the ramifications may be more than they can afford.
Everyone knows when it goes up in flames, there’s no saving the kindling.
The decision only took a second. Just a second.
“Hazel, what happened?”

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, a man and a woman fell in love. They were very happy. Until one day they weren’t – their happily ever after disappeared.
This is their story.
Have you ever been in love?
The kind of love that leaves you breathless and makes you feel like you can fly?
I have…. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I let him become my everything; my sun, moon and stars but that wasn’t enough for him.
What he did nearly destroyed me.
My husband’s betrayal taught me the hard way that once trust is gone, it can never be regained. He won’t ever be part of my life again.
If I could sum myself up in one word, just one, then personally I’d pick fool. Misguided, dumb fool.
I made a mistake.
A mistake so big that the future I had planned out with the love of my life vanished in the blink of an eye. I didn’t see it at the time. That would have been too easy, by the time I realized what I lost it was too late. It was my own fault; I can’t blame anyone else. Because of it I lost the one woman that meant everything to me.
But I’m telling you now if fate ever gives me a second chance with her……I swear I’ll never let Summer slip away from me again.
**Warning – This book contains themes that some readers may find upsetting, such as cheating. (I promise it does have a HEA).**

Romance, Ciencia Ficción, Adulto
Fighting for love, honor, and freedom on the galaxy’s lawless outer rim…
When Earth space marine Harper Adams finds herself abducted by alien slavers off a space station, her life turns into a battle for survival. Dumped into an arena on a desert planet on the outer rim, she finds herself face to face with a big, tattooed alien gladiator…the champion of the Kor Magna Arena.
A former prince abandoned to the arena as a teen, Raiden Tiago has long ago earned his freedom. Now he rules the arena, but he doesn’t fight for the glory, but instead for his own dark purpose—revenge against the Thraxian aliens who destroyed his planet. Then his existence is rocked by one small, fierce female fighter from an unknown planet called Earth.
Harper is determined to find a way home, but when she spots her best friend in the arena—a slave of the evil Thraxian aliens—she’ll do anything to save her friend…even join forces with the tough, alpha male who sets her body on fire. But as Harper and Raiden step foot onto the blood-soaked sands of the arena, Harper worries that Raiden has his own dangerous agenda…

I’ve never been interested in working on my father’s farm. My older brothers were busy fighting over our inheritance, but I was more concerned with chasing some tail. Indifference was my middle name, and I could care less about anyone else’s business.
But one night, as I watched a sexy woman go from crazy-angry to crazy-interesting in a New York minute, I knew my life was about to change.
Love makes you do stupid things. Leaving your life behind to be with your boyfriend is one of them, and when your boyfriend leaves you after all you’ve done for him, love turns you into a raging hormonal b*tch.
But the day my boyfriend drove away was also the day I began again, starting with a handsome cowboy who let me experience a lot of “first times”.
Maybe getting abandoned in a strange town isn’t so bad, after all.

They both think the only scary part of hooking up on Halloween is the possibility of falling in love.
Poor darling’s never ridden a motorcycle before. Or me, for that matter.
Brynn has no f*cking idea what’s in store for her tonight.
But then again, neither do I.
He’s running from the law and from his past. She’s trying to build a future for herself and her son. Their worlds collide on Halloween night, when he’s faced with saving her from real danger, only to risk losing his own freedom.
This novella combines sexy and scary in a page-turning suspenseful romance you don’t want to miss. It’s free for five days as a Halloween treat and a sneak peek into other books by Juliana Conners. Haunted Heart is a standalone with a slight cliffhanger leading into a forthcoming longer version of the book and other books in The Bradford Brothers series to which it is tied, but it has a complete ending and can be read independently without missing a beat.
Some warnings and some promises: Haunted Heart is a novella featuring insta-love, explicit language, super steamy scenes sure to heat up your Halloween season, some dark themes and possible triggers, and of course a Happily Ever After between this MC bad boy outlaw and the strong and curvy heroine who melts his heart of steel.

Bad Boy checklist: English accent, dirty imagination, and an even dirtier mouth. Sex whenever and wherever I can get it. V-card carrying co-stars beware!
Felicity Caine:
I know what I’m doing when I invite A-list actor Dare Wilde to step into my life.
He’s the badass villain to my sweet ingénue.
I know how to play this role, even if it’s my first time.
The problem is he knows too, and he’s not sticking to the script.
Dare Wilde:
Flicka Caine lands in my lap like a cherry bomb–fuse already lit.
She might taste like spun sugar, but there’s nothing sweet about the ache she causes.
The child star is all grown up.
I refuse to be her mistake, but I think she could well be mine.
This is a standalone novel, with no cliffhangers.

Kennedy Davis doesn’t quite know how she ended up in this strange place.
She’d left her shift at work and taken her dog out, only to find herself on a strange planet, amidst two hulking alien races battling for territory.
Most shockingly, she finds herself in the arms of Chief Garock, the resident alpha of the Kurah alien race.
Chief Garock does what all Kurah do in times of trouble: prays to the Spirit Tree for help. It’s the Harvest Celebration, and the competing Selith race has its sights set on overtaking as much land – and females – as possible.
When the tree bark splits to reveal a fair-skinned, red-haired goddess, Garock’s prayers for deliverance are answered.
Kennedy tries to convince Garock that she’s no goddess of his. But she finds it impossible to fight her fierce attraction to him.

Young Adult, Contemporáneo, Enfermedad mental
Seventeen-year-old Cath knows Zero is coming for her. Zero, the devastating depression born of Catherine’s bipolar disease, has almost triumphed once, propelling Catherine to her first suicide attempt. With Zero only temporarily restrained by the latest med du jour, time is running out. In an old ballet shoebox, Catherine stockpiles meds, preparing to take her own life when Zero next arrives.

But Zero’s return is delayed. Unexpected relationships along with the care of a new psychiatrist start to alter Catherine’s perception of her diagnosis. But will this be enough? This is a story of loss and grief and hope and how the many shapes of love – maternal, romantic and platonic – impact a young woman’s struggle with mental illness.


Romance MM, Contemporáneo
DAVE BALLARD is a tool. A high-level music exec with only one thing on his mind: getting ahead by leveraging the talents of others. When a coworker talks him into going to the middle of nowhere to scout a troubled singer, Dave thinks it will be an exercise in futility. But once he sees the mysterious silver-tongued Luca Wayne on stage, he changes his tune.
With his soulful voice, bad boy vibe, and sad green eyes that can pull you under, Luca is the kind of talent that comes along once in a lifetime. Even before the first song is over, Dave knows he has to sign him. Trouble is, Luca doesn’t want to be discovered.
LUCA WAYNE is perfectly content playing to a crowd of twenty in his father’s dive bar on Tybee Island. Never mind that he looks like a homeless street performer and eats just enough to survive. Luca doesn’t want more. He doesn’t want to be a star. Hell, he barely wants to live. And after what happened to him, who can blame him?
The heartbreaking discovery Dave makes about Luca’s past awakens something inside him, softening his heart and filling him with a need to wrap Luca in his strong arms and make everything okay. But can Dave reconcile the business shark in him with these new tender feelings? And even if he can, Luca’s problems may be more than even he can handle.
When Dave finds himself lost in the eye of the hurricane, he’ll find out once and for all if he has the strength to save Luca from his SOUL STORM.

Miles Anderson is the Chicago Red’s star forward and an all-star player in the league. He was celebrating another win at a local club when he came across Christina, a heart stopping brunette who surprised him at every turn. Especially when he found out that she has a son. Caleb helped bring Miles and Christina together and fostered a bond that neither of them could deny. Then Caleb’s long lost father shows up and Miles will prove just how much he cares for both Caleb and Christina.
Obs. El libro en sí, es corto. Pero incluye 35 historias más de "regalo".

The moment I saw her, I had to have her.
Calvin Wood is everything I hate in a man.
Womanizer, dirty talking, cocky and very jealous.
He’s a hardcore football player and has the worst reputation in the league.
I was assigned to work with him to get him in shape since the injury.
It was a big mistake, or maybe it wasn’t…
Our flirting and kisses have transformed into something very real.
Only one problem. I’m pregnant with his baby.
The moment I saw Harper, I couldn’t get her out of my mind.
She’s a strong, sexy woman that resists my charms.
When she’s not driving me nuts, she’s driving me wild
I don’t care what other people say—this girl is MINE.

Uninterested in politics or the pressures associated with the House of Arlen, Cyril is content to leave it all behind to live a quiet and peaceful life on his own. Unfortunately not everyone agrees with that choice. After a decade of peace, Cyril is unexpectedly shoved back into the spotlight against his will.
Now he’s forced to deal with a power hungry half-brother and the pressures of one day ruling his House. Cyril’s only comfort is Alpha Sinclair Ferus. Sinclair is a wolf shifter duty bound to protect him, and he’s also the man who has fascinated him for years. Despite his reluctance to accept his new position Cyril finds that having Sinclair around might just make it all worthwhile.

Just one more job. One more kill. And then I’ll be free from this life.
Did it have to be the guy who could become president?
I shouldn’t have taken the job. Now I’m stuck. Because right when I was about to do it… I saw her.
Should I follow my best instincts and get rid of her? Or should I keep her safe, even if it means they will be after me forever?
I may have made the biggest mistake of my life.
He was supposed to kill me. But he saved me instead. Now, we’re both on the run.
I am afraid of this man. He’s a cold-blooded assassin with a hard edge. But I’m also undeniably attracted to him…
He took a single shot, and he torn my life to pieces. As election day approaches, I see my political aspirations go out in a puff of smoke.
I’m not supposed to even be near this guy. But damn if I’m not aching to go down on him in more than one way.
I guess I have my dark side too.
**This is a romantic novel with no cliffhangers and a happy ending. And action. And sex. And plot twists.**

Romance, Contemporáneo, Adulto.
Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, right? That’s what they say, at least. I went into that day hoping I’d get the happiest day of my life. What I got? The worst. I mean, you really can’t get any worse of a day without someone actually dying.
So…I may have gotten just a little drunk, and maybe just a tad impetuous… And landed myself in a dive bar somewhere in Alaska, alone, still in my wedding dress, half-wasted and heart-broken.
Eight brothers, one bar.
Sounds like the beginning to a bad joke, yeah? I kinda think so. Wanna hear another joke? A girl walks into a bar, soaking wet and wearing a wedding dress.
I knew I shouldn’t have touched her. She was hammered, for one thing, and heartbroken for another. I’ve chased enough tail to know better. That kinda thing only leads to clinginess, and a clingy female is the last thing on this earth I need. I got a bar needs running, and only me to run it—at least until my seven wayward brothers decide to show their asses up…
Then this chick walks in, fine as hell, wearing a soaked wedding dress that leaves little enough to the imagination—and I’ve got a hell of an imagination. I knew I shouldn’t have touched her. Not so much as a finger, not even innocently.
But I did.

Romance MM, Young Adult, Enfermedades Mentales
They’d have to turn the whole world upside down to understand us…
Hunter Donovan’s temper never used to be a problem. He lived the perfect life with the perfect family before the dark truth came spilling out. Now his dad’s in prison, and after Hunter explodes at school, accidentally hitting a teacher, his mom has him committed.
Hunter doesn’t belong at Better Days. He needs to be stronger, not sent to a well-dressed loony bin. If he’d been better, less selfish, he would have realized something was going on under his own roof. No amount of psychoanalyzing and group therapy can change the past.
But among the bullies, fights, and bad cafeteria food, Hunter meets a group of friends: anxiety-ridden Casey, wild and exciting Rosie, recovering bulimic Bethany, and Stray, a self-harmer who doesn’t think he belongs anywhere. Around this group of misfits, Hunter doesn’t feel so alone and angry anymore.
Still, as he’s making friends and falling in love with Stray, the guilt is always there. If Hunter can’t open up and find a way to deal with what happened, he might fall victim to his mental illness—and he won’t be the only casualty.

I had everything I had ever wanted.
Wealth. Power. Success.
I had created a place of sin where your deepest, darkest desires could be explored.
What I didn’t have was her.
The forbidden always tastes more sweet.
He was savage, dark and dangerous. Wrong on so many levels.
He had saved me, protected me.
But I couldn’t have him. He was older. Harder.
He was also my step-father.

He has one mission
Since they were children, career cop Judd Hamilton has built his life around taking care of his best friend, Autumn Buchanan. While he might once have dreamed of a different future for them, everything changed the day her father tried to kill them both. Determined to keep her safe, Judd put his feelings aside and turned his focus to protecting her, always.
She leads a double life
Nobody in their small town would ever dream that Autumn, Wishful’s friendly librarian, is really successful erotic romantic suspense author, Rumor Fairchild. No one knows that the swoon-worthy hero of her series is based on her best friend, Judd. He’s been fulfilling her rescue fantasies for years, and now she’s ready to catapult them out of the friend zone to make her real life romance come true.
Will Judd be able to protect her when her real life nightmare returns?

Lena Mayes is done with love. After finding her husband, the love of her life and the man she thought she would spend the rest of eternity with, in bed with his much younger secretary, she shuts down the thought of ever loving again.
Dax Tice is finally free from the demanding world of college. He’s ready to find his new life path when he meets his aunt’s best friend, who’s in need of a little help. Dax happily signs up for the job, but isn’t prepared when he finally meets Lena one fateful morning.
What is age when it comes to love? Would you be able to forget a number for a night of pure passion, even if you know it’s not the right? Lena is about to find out, except she has no idea that what she’s about to embark on is not just a forbidden journey of lust, but a journey of new discoveries that may just lead her to her happily ever after.

Ethan Banner is a young basketball star who has the ladies dripping off his arms.
Ethan feels that he is privileged, but also knows that something is missing. He fills that void with meaningless sex with any girl that finds themselves in the locker room after the game.
Natasha Young is getting her start in the business. She wants her big break and is ready to do anything to get it. Whatever it takes…is her motto.
She has had one disaster of a relationship after another. She’s beginning to think there is something wrong with her.
Their meeting is arranged. He doesn’t know that. He likes what he sees and can’t stop thinking about her.
She’s pretending to be something she isn’t to get the big scoop.
Natasha will not be stopped, even if she has to sleep with him to get to the top.
Ethan wants to see more of her. He feels drawn to her attitude and her love of the sport. He doesn’t know that it’s all a lie. They both have their own agenda to get each other into bed. His reputation and her career is what matters to the both of them.
Ethan sees her as the ultimate challenge. Nobody has been able to resist him. They may come from different sides of the track, but they are on a collision course into each others arms.
Ethan is affected by her smile. Is there more than one night? Their time together was meant for one thing. Neither one is ready to commit.

Chance encounters connect two lost souls with tragedy running deep in their blood. Haunted by their dark pasts, Luke and Ariana want nothing to do with love.
Absolutely nothing. A high-powered, hot-tempered CEO with visible scars meets an Emergency Room doctor shielding her own invisible pain. They’ve vowed never to let someone into their secluded worlds because of inner battles. But the city of Chicago keeps pushing them to the brink of love. Will their battles overtake them? Are they meant to be alone forever? Or will they find love?

They thought they had their happy ending.
They were dead wrong.
Eddie Roe has turned into a man that would do anything for his family. He never thought he’d have to prove the lengths he’d go to to keep them safe, but he’s willing to kill, fight, and die when his past catches up and attempts to destroy his happiness.
Red Roe has always been a fighter, and she will fight to the death to protect herself in an attempt to get home to her family. Her husband’s past is using her as bait and threatening everything she covets. No one will destroy what her and Eddie built, but how much can she endure before it’s too much?

He’s the boss. I’m the booty call…
I gave my last relationship everything I had and got shafted in return. Now I’m all about proving I have what it takes to work amongst talented designers and architects of ARC Industries, and building a better future for myself.
Then my new boss arrives, and I just know trouble will follow.
How will I prove I’m more than a smart mouth and sexy curves when I’m distracted by daydreams of the company’s sexy CEO, Theo Solomon?
To make matters worse, my daydreams turn into reality, and I become Theo’s booty call.
Due to my past, I’m hesitant to accept that I want more than secret rendezvous. But is Theo worth the risk?

Romance MM, Contemporáneo
They couldn’t be more different, and yet they might just be exactly what each other needs.
Garrett Barnes is no stranger to overcoming the odds. Forced to walk away from a Division I scholarship to take care of his family, Garrett was sure he’d never play football again. When an offer comes in from the ESC Mavericks–a school near his hometown–it seems like a dream come true. There’s only one catch: he’s expected to single-handedly save the worst team in the state.
Diego Ruiz has known his whole life that the deck is stacked against him. The harder he tries to fight it, the more it hurts when it knocks him back down. With a lifetime of disappointment to back him up, he’s stopped trying for anything more than mediocrity, both on and off the football field. If not for a promise he’d made years ago, he’d probably just be some nobody in a nowhere job.
So when Coach Ladner brings in some D1 “hero” to save the team, Diego is determined to show him exactly where hard work and perseverance get you–absolutely nowhere. Despite his best efforts, Garrett’s unwavering optimism starts to get under Diego’s skin. Caught on the verge of giving in, he relies on the one thing that’s never failed him: his ability to get curious straight boys into bed.
As the friction between them gives way to passion, the stakes of their former rivalry increase tenfold. With both men’s hearts–and a state title–on the line, there’s no time for playing games. But when Diego’s past comes back to remind him that everything eventually goes to hell, Garrett will have to convince him that some things are worth fighting for.
Roughing the Passer is a steamy, standalone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.

Be ready to laugh, cry, and fall in love once you start reading this steamy, feel-good, and poignantly sweet romance from Marian Tee. No cliffhangers!
He’s her first lover, she’s his first and only friend. Love isn’t ever supposed to be part of the equation until an accident changes everything.
When 32-year-old billionaire Jaak de Konigh first sets his sight on Ilse Muir, he knows he has to have her, and he’s always gotten what he’s wanted. But the stunningly beautiful Dutch proves him wrong by walking out on his offer to make her his mistress.
23-year-old Ilse Muir only has room for one man in his life, and that’s her brother. She lives for him and no one else, and for him she’s willing to sacrifice everything. She has absolutely no time for pleasure and certainly not dating but there’s just something about the billionaire that’s wickedly different. He has her hot and bothered, and he annoys her like no other. But most of all, he makes her smile…when she thought she had long forgotten how it was to smile.
All his life Jaak has been fielding off women, but with Ilse it’s become the opposite. She has him jumping through hoops, and it’s as frustrating as it’s exhilarating. Where women used to treat him a trophy, Ilse amuses and exasperates the billionaire by hiding from him and hiding him like a dirty secret. Before he knows it, Ilse has become the reason he wakes up to every day…when it used to be that the billionaire hasn’t allowed himself to live for anyone else.
Love wasn’t ever supposed to be the equation. It was only supposed to be about sex.
But when she starts asking too many questions, and he starts making her heart beat—
Everything changes.
Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl live happily ever after.
That’s how it’s supposed to be, but Jaak and Ilse both know they’re too damaged to make it work the way others do. If they both want to be with each other—
He can’t ever say he loves her…and she can’t ever say she needs him.
Jacob Donovan had everything he wanted: a sister he adored and a woman he loved…before a tragic twist of fate four years ago robbed him of both. Jacob was supposed to move on, but picking up the pieces was difficult when all he was left with was a long line of women in his bed, a tumultuous home life and a grave marker. Forced to harden his heart, Jacob tried to forget and built a fortress around his heart…at least, until she returned.
Vanessa Harvell was a carefree, straight-A student who was endlessly devoted to the boy of her dreams…until she made a poor decision that left her scarred both emotionally and physically. In the aftermath of losing her best friend and boyfriend, she grew distant and cold, throwing herself into a career she hated in order to forget. Forgetting has not proven easy, however, especially when another tragic turn of events brings her back to West Lake. Vanessa is forced to confront her past, her present and her future…along with the man whose feelings for her continue to linger.
Despite the fact that time, distance and circumstance have come between them, Jake and Vanessa’s worlds are about to collide. Will their passion for one another be strong enough to move past the heartache in their past? Can true love prevail, even as you struggle to forgive yourself and the one you once believed to be your soulmate? Can you ever really find yourself…and is love truly better the second time around?
From #1 New York Times bestselling author Aprilynne Pike comes a truly original new novel—Breaking Bad meets Marie Antoinette in a near-future world where the residents of Versailles live like it’s the eighteenth century and an almost-queen turns to drug dealing to save her own life.
Outside the palace of Versailles, it’s modern day. Inside, the people dress, eat, and act like it’s the eighteenth century—with the added bonus of technology to make court life lavish, privileged, and frivolous. The palace has every indulgence, but for one pretty young thing, it’s about to become a very beautiful prison.
When Danica witnesses an act of murder by the young king, her mother makes a cruel power play… blackmailing the king into making Dani his queen. When she turns eighteen, Dani will marry the most ruthless and dangerous man of the court. She has six months to escape her terrifying destiny. Six months to raise enough money to disappear into the real world beyond the palace gates.
Her ticket out? Glitter. A drug so powerful that a tiny pinch mixed into a pot of rouge or lip gloss can make the wearer hopelessly addicted. Addicted to a drug Dani can sell for more money than she ever dreamed.
But in Versailles, secrets are impossible to keep. And the most dangerous secret—falling for a drug dealer outside the palace walls—is one risk she has to take.
She should have stayed away.
A pretty young girl like her deserves someone who can love her. Someone who’s not a bastard like me.
Someone without a target on the back of his head.
Someone who won’t break her heart after breaking her bed.
She’s the one thing that I can’t have—that I shouldn’t have.
But when I bury myself in her, nothing else matters.
And when I pin her body against mine.
When I make her cry my name.
All I want is to ruin her for other men.
Because I can’t resist—and I won’t ever let her go.
Joseph Warner changed my life.
He makes me regret ever laying eyes on him. Makes me ache for his touch.
I should’ve left him in the past where he belonged.
But a storm of bullets brings him crashing back into my life.
And no matter what I try, I can’t let him go.
I know the consequences.
The danger.
The excitement.
The way he makes me beg for more.
And I can’t wait to get started.

Loving his best friend’s sister goes against every code he knows, but one kiss is all it takes.
Ryan Flynn’s life and career with the Ice Dragons hockey team is defined by a code: friendship, loyalty, respect, leadership, and protection. A call from his best friend’s sister ends up with him taking her home, and it’s all he can do to remember that she’s off limits. It doesn’t matter that she’s too much of a temptation for a man on the edge, he’s promised her brother he wouldn’t let any guy in professional sports anywhere near her, and that includes him.
Kat has been in lust with hockey player Ryan Flynn since she first laid eyes on him. The problem? Ryan is her brother’s best friend, bound by a complicated code of chivalry both on and off the ice. When he rescues her and then takes her home, she just needs a single kiss—and he is more than happy to help her out. When the kiss is just the start of something they need to hide from her brother, abruptly things are out of control.
Could Ryan, the hard man of the Dragons, see her as anything more than his best friend’s sister? And will Kat be able to catch and keep this Dragon who is the other half of her?

Romance MM
A wealthy bad boy meets his match in two amazing people as they explore a whirlwind of mindblowing sex and emotional fulfillment, but there’s a catch…
Layla runs a cupcakery with her insanely hot best friend Teague. Together, they deliver a taste of heaven to all their customers. But one sexy cupcake lover in particular keeps coming back for more.
The guy with a sweet tooth is as ridiculously wealthy as he is attractive, and he can’t seem to keep his eyes off of Layla, the curvy entrepreneur. It isn’t exactly a recipe for disaster. But add a pinch of mistaken identity, sprinkle a few secrets into the mix and watch things heat up.
When Max meets Layla at a ritzy gala, he thinks she’s someone else. He invites her out again, which makes her best friend jealous. Does Teague want Layla? There’s no competition. Having Layla’s delicious-looking bestie around is just icing on the cake.
Teague has no idea how to tell his best friend he’s in love with her. Things get even more complicated when he meets Max. Teague throbs for a taste of both of them, but just one taste isn’t enough. They all want to have their cake and eat it, too.
This might get a little messy.

Romance, Contemporáneo, New Adult
He hated that f*cking word.
When their parents got married, the only thing Caleb Luxan had in common with Wren Brashill was that they both hated their parents. When he was sixteen, Caleb discovered Wren’s closely guarded secret and vowed to protect her: from that day forward she became the reason for every decision he made.
Jealousy and long-suppressed desire overpowered Caleb’s fierce protectiveness and they spent one forbidden and unforgettable night in each other arms, but the aftermath left Caleb panicked, Wren heartbroken, and their relationship in shambles. In the time since that fateful night, he’d only seen her once and had only managed to make the situation even worse.
The sudden death of his estranged father calls Caleb home and face-to-face with Wren for first time in years. He is presented with a choice that forces him to confront the painful memories of his youth and his many regrets with Wren.
Like it or not, his father’s last, hard lesson, will demand Caleb deal with his long denied emotions for Wren, or let go of her forever.

Companionship is a good thing.
Relationships are not.
My name is Emily Wade and I was raised to believe that happily ever after didn’t exist. That relationships were doomed before they even started, and that as long as the attraction to someone is purely physical, life is uncomplicated and good. I lived by that and was probably the only anti-relationship person in the world. I found myself in the midst of so much man drama that I decided to take a hiatus from the dating world. Until I met the brutally handsome CEO of Caine Property Development & Management, Jackson Caine. He was as anti-relationship as I was and wanted to negotiate a deal that would let us have our cake and eat it too.
My mother was on her fourth husband.
My father was on his fifth wife.
My name is Jackson Caine and I grew up in a world where I was taught that nothing lasts forever. I saw and lived the destruction each relationship my parents had and it was something I never wanted. I was career driven, successful, the boss of my own life, and as anti-relationship as one could be. I’d had my fill of women and the drama that went with them. Until I met Emily Wade. A beautiful woman who understood and shared the same thoughts I did. We were the perfect companions for each other. No complications, no drama, and certainly no commitment, ever. We negotiated a deal that would suit both of us, and as long as no one broke the rules that were set in place, we both could have our cake and eat it too.
Romance, Thriller, Suspenso
Penny Kline didn’t come to Honduras on a pleasure trip. She’s here to rescue her kidnapped niece, the only family she’s got left. What she didn’t plan on was walking into a covert ops mission—or being wrapped up in the hard-muscled arms of Rafe Ortega. The cool-as-ice operative’s touch may get her all hot and bothered, but no man can have a hold on her heart until her niece is home where she belongs.
Even in the tropics, Alpha Security operative Rafe can take down the bad guys without breaking a sweat. Hostage extractions. Clandestine missions. Those are the things he’s been trained to handle. Relationships? Not so much. But one look at this strong, sexy redhead and he’s seized by a fierce urge to protect her at all costs. Now Penny and Rafe will have to up their game because they’re about to go into a master criminal’s lair without backup, and the danger—and passion—is about to explode . . .
Felled by a cowardly shot to the back, Stanton Youngblood has just enough time before he dies to leave a single clue to his killer’s identity: the word Wayne, scrawled in his own blood.
That word means everything to his widow. Leigh Youngblood was once Leigh Wayne, but she left her wealthy family behind thirty years ago when she fell in love with Stanton, a betrayal the Waynes have never forgiven. Now she publicly vows to discover which of her siblings thinks money and power are enough to cover up a murder.
Back in town to find his father’s killer, prodigal son Brody finds his search for justice comes with an unexpected ray of light. He’s loved Talia Champion forever, but when she said she couldn’t marry him, he left town and never looked back. This time it’s Talia who needs him, and it isn’t in him to deny her anything.
But the killer still has a score to settle, and if that means spilling more blood—so much the better.
Romance, Histórico
Sometimes the man of your dreams . . .
Shop girl Poppy Fairchurch knows it’s pointless fantasizing about the Duke of Autenberry. Still, dreams can’t hurt anyone . . . unlike the carriage Poppy spies bearing down upon the unsuspecting duke. After she pulls him to safety, the duke lapses into a coma and Poppy is mistaken for his fiancée. But one person isn’t fooled: his arrogant and much too handsome half-brother, Struan Mackenzie. Soon Poppy isn’t sure what she wants more . . . the fantasy of her duke or the reality of one smoldering Scot who challenges her at every turn.
. . . is not who you think.
An illegitimate second son, Struan may have built an empire and established himself as one of the wealthiest men in Britain, but he knows he will always be an outsider among the ton. Just like he knows the infuriating Poppy is a liar. There’s no way the haughty Duke of Autenberry would deign to wed a working class girl. It doesn’t matter how charming she is. Or tempting. Or how much Struan wants her for himself.
Meet the Brannigan brothers—seven sexy brothers who bring the heart and the heat! From bestselling authors Barbara Freethy, Ruth Cardello, Melody Anne, Christie Ridgway, Lynn Raye Harris, Roxanne St. Claire and JoAnn Ross comes a brand new contemporary romance family series: 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. You won’t want to miss a single one!
Luke Brannigan lives for the adrenaline rush, which makes his job as a filmmaker of extreme sporting adventures the perfect career choice. He loves to travel the world, risking life and limb to capture the most amazing shot. Some might say he’s running away from something…or someone.
When Luke’s billionaire father Colin Brannigan dies unexpectedly, Luke is shocked to receive title to the mountain lodge where his parents first met. Having been estranged from his father for years, Luke has no idea why his dad picked him to inherit this very personal piece of property…until he realizes the pretty blonde manager is Lizzie Parker, his former college girlfriend.
Luke and Lizzie have an emotional and heartbreaking past, but will they have a future? Will love be Luke’s greatest adventure yet?
New York Times bestselling authors Heather Graham and Karen Harper team up with two fan-favorite stories that prove still waters run deep…
The Island by Heather Graham: On a weekend vacation, Beth Anderson is unnerved when she discovers a skull on the beach. As she starts to look into this mysterious find, handsome stranger Keith Henson seems to appear everywhere she goes. He claims to be keeping an eye on her safety, but Beth senses other motives. When a body washes ashore, she may need more help than she bargained for. Because investigating is a dangerous game, and someone wants to stop Beth from playing.
Below the Surface by Karen Harper: Briana Devon knows her twin sister would never deliberately leave her, but when she surfaces after a dive, Daria and their boat have vanished. Fighting rough waves and a fast-approaching storm, Bree barely makes it to shore, where Cole De Roca revives her. Bound to Cole by the harrowing experience, she seeks his help as she struggles to understand what happened to her sister—and what her twin, whom she thought she knew so well, might be hiding.
Struggling writer Phoebe Ryan abandons her southern roots and heads to New York, determined to leave her nightmarish past behind…
She was not expecting to meet a famous rock star, or to be coerced into ghostwriting his autobiography. But she tries to maintain focus on her dream of becoming an author, despite the attraction she feels for the sexy rocker, not to mention the baggage that comes with him.
Julian Bale’s world was shattered one drunken night, and it almost ruined him…
Weighed down by guilt, he blames himself for an accident he could’ve prevented. He will play the game, but swears his hot little ghostwriter will never get that story out of him. As much as he wants her, if he has to choose between his dream and hers, it’s no contest.
Phoebe and Julian give in to a forbidden attraction, and their public romance risks both their lives…
An obsessive fan is on the loose and now that the secret’s out, it’s made them both targets. The psychotic stalker is determined to have Julian for herself, even if she has to reveal their sordid pasts and eliminate Phoebe to do it.
He lives for fame. She lives to hide. Obsession lives to ruin them both.
She was mine.
No one else’s.
Five years ago, life delivered a blow I barely survived.
On the edge of desperation, I thought my dreams were never meant to come true.
Thanks to Sociopath, everything changed for the better.
The life I so desperately wanted was within my grasp as my future brigh]tened.
I couldn’t have been happier.
Until the Pakhan of Bratva decided I belonged to him.
Darkness and nightmares of the past surrounded my life.
Bratva became my home, accepting me with open arms.
I gave everything to it, my heart and soul.
Until my eyes landed on a picture of hazel eyed beauty as she woke up every possessive instinct inside me.
Rosa Giovanni became mine.
Unfortunately for everyone involved, it meant declaring a war between the Bratva and Cosa Nostra.
Man with the dragon tattoo.
When Don and Pakhan focused on their war, the danger to their precious Rose escaped their notice.
Hiding in the shadows, I waited for the perfect time for my revenge.
Let the game begin.
Warning: Can be read as standalone, although it’s connected with Sociopath Duet series.
Pakhan is a two part series.
18+ due to sexual content, profanity, abuse, graphic violence and adult subject matter.

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